Do you dare to dream?
Follow the inspirational journey of one Kiwi hot air balloon pilot daring to live his dream, and use his passion for flying to change the lives of children around the world. The Flying High for Kids World Balloon Project was launched in 2013 and aims to reach communities in over 100 countries by 2018.
    The balloon and project will be used to:
  • shine light on and encourage discussion of children's rights all around the world
  • engage children in cultural exchange and understanding by way of international postcard swap
  • bring joy to those visited, especially those who have never seen a balloon before
  • dare children to follow their dreams... No matter where they come from


The Idea Andrew Parker is the Creator and Project Director of the Flying High For Kids Project. He has had a strong desire to do a not-for-profit, international hot air balloon tour for a cause since he was in his early teens. He got in touch with UNICEF in 2010 and has been working towards this project since then.

Andrew Parker

Andrew is a commercial hot air balloon pilot from Hamilton, New Zealand. He has had an interest in balloons ever since he was six years old. He joined his local Hot Air Balloon Club when he was thirteen years old and started flying when he was sixteen. He achieved his Commercial Balloon Pilot’s Licence at the age of nineteen while living in Australia. He then went to Europe to fly, before buying a balloon business of his own just after his twentieth birthday. For the following six years, he spent time between New Zealand and Europe. Andrew then sold the business to pursue bigger challenges and spent the last few years flying and investigating balloon businesses in Russia, Brazil, France and Turkey. Andrew has visited 38 countries so far and has lived in Europe, Australia, Brazil, Russia and Turkey for varying lengths of time. He has travelled extensively through North and South America, Asia and Australasia.



Flying High For Kids World Balloon



The project was launched on the 9th of December, 2013 and will last for around four years. No project like this has ever been done before!

On The Road Again – Europe

The flying season in Dubai is coming to a close and I’m looking forward to be getting back into the project again on the 1st of June. A lot of planning has been going on over the past few months. It has involved a lot of emails, phone calls and a few trips to...

Poland and Belarus

After a few weeks of catching up with friends while waiting for the truck to be fixed, I decided to go to a balloon festival in Minsk, Belarus. It was a last minute decision, so a lot had to be organised in a short period of time. Firstly I spoke with UNICEF Belarus and...

Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine

We left Bank, Hungary mid morning for the 200km trip to the Slovakian Capital, Bratislava. The trip was uneventful and we got there in good time. We found a cheap hotel, relatively close to where our event with UNICEF Slovakia was to be held, and checked in. After a late lunch, I walked to...
Kubicek Balloons have kindly sponsored the balloon for our project and will provide support through their worldwide dealer network.
DB Schenker will be helping our shipping needs in the Australasia area.
 Maxtrax is an Australian based company who manufacture vehicle recovery equipment.
balloonpins are the leader in balloon pin design and manufacture.