We had two events in Turkey, one in Kapadokya, Central Turkey, and the other in Turkey’s Capital, Ankara.
We made a short movie amongst the amazing fairy chimneys of Kapadokya, mixed in with shots of our event in Antalya. We were halping to promote the ‘There is Another You’ campaign. Take a look here:

In Antalya, we created an event with UNICEF Turkey at the famous Atatuk Kultur Merkezi. Around 50 kids came from one of the local schools to see the balloon. We shared postcards from kids around the world, and a music group provided entertainment. A lot of fun was had by all.

Balloon - @UNICEF - Ankara 2015 - Yurtsever (46) Balloon - @UNICEF - Ankara 2015 - Yurtsever (125) Balloon - @UNICEF - Ankara 2015 - Yurtsever (185) Balloon - @UNICEF - Ankara 2015 - Yurtsever (233) Balloon - @UNICEF - Ankara 2015 - Yurtsever (291) Balloon - @UNICEF - Ankara 2015 - Yurtsever (370)


We had a fun family event in South Park, Sofia with UNICEF Bulgaria. Quite a few hundred people came through over the course of the event. There were music performances and children wrote on a wall of their hopes and dreams.

DSC03754 DSC03765 DSC03769

Some drone footage from our event thanks to UNICEF Bulgaria:

The next morning we had a flight from the small village of Banya.

DSC_0302 DSC_0341 DSC_0351 DSC_0352 DSC_0367 DSC_0362


We had a fun Easter flight just outside of the Capital, Bucharest.

DSC03919 DSC03920 DSC03921 DSC03923 DSC03928 DSC03929


We held an event with UNICEF Moldova at a school in the small town of Budești, close to the Capital. A few hundred kids were at the event and had a lot of fun writing postcards, dancing, singing and other entertainment. We flew late in the day and landed close to the Moldovian border.


We took part in a small balloon meeting in the town of Bank. We had a great couple of days and invited the local kindergarten to have a look.

P1000037 IMG_1820 IMG_1813 P1000043 DSC04264 P1000046


We had two events with UNICEF Slovakia, one in Košice and the other in the capital, Bratislava. Around 50 excited children came to the event in Košice. We exchanged postcards before taking off and floating over the old city.

DSC04197 DSC04199 DSC04203

Before taking off in Bratislava, a local children’s dance group gave a performance. I flew directly over the old town and landed on the other side of Austria, close to the Austrian border.

P1000061 P1000062  DSC_0052


We had a one hour fun flight from Krems An Der Donau and surrounding area.

IMG_2129 P1000108 P1000107 P1000105 P1000101 P1000092

Czech Republic

We flew over the two largest cities in the Czech Republic Brno and Prague. In both cases we flew the entire length of the city. A lot of excited kids greeted us as I landed next to a school in Prague.

P1000195 P1000193 P1000200 P1000256P1000253 P1000242


We had a really nice event in the city of Włocławek at a children’s day. We got many excited kids involved in the setting up and packing of the balloon.
A flight was done the next afternoon from a nearby airfield with some local kids.

P1000318 P1000345 P1000331 P1000319 DSC_0112 P1000316


We travelled to Kiev and made a flight with some local balloonists, then kept going to the troubled region of Donetskand tethered the balloon at a UNICEF event in Svyatogorsk. Around 5,000 people came to the event to celebrate International Children’s Day. There were many great musical performances and activities. It was a privilege to be there and to bring joy to so many kids.

P1000395 P1000467 P1000461 P1000452 P1000451 P1000412


We organised an event with UNICEF Belarus as part of an airshow on a very hot day in Minsk. We flew two times during the day. A tent was set up and kids really enjoyed colouring in and writing postcards.

11733304_10203075821695645_1899864962_n P1010045 P1010026 P1000978 P1000943 P1000936


We joined a local balloon meeting in the town of Nemunaitis with 8 other balloons and got the local kids involved on landing.

IMG_0264 IMG_0254 IMG_0251


We tethered two balloons for around 50 children, some were orphans and others had illnesses. We later flew across the town of Sigulda with two local balloons.


Lidojums ar gaisa balonu.

Lidojums ar gaisa balonu.

Lidojums ar gaisa balonu.



We carried out a flight in the region south-west of Tallinn, close to the town of Keila.

DSC01335 IMGP4595 IMGP4576


An event was created in co-operation with UNICEF Finland at a refugee camp, about 45 minutes outside of Helsinki. Activities were arranged for the kids and it was a great atmosphere. Both children and adults enjoyed watching both the UNICEF balloon and a local balloon taking off. A few days later we also arranged for a number of the kids to be flown in a bigger balloon from the camp.

13432408_10154258580214127_2055757644921695259_n 13450321_10154258576789127_1978957165048681467_n 13450054_10154258576024127_6651410743094015131_n DSC01426 DSC01422 DSC01421


A late afternoon flight was carried out over the city of Stockholm, promoting our ‘Dream Big’ message.

DSC01492 DSC01511 DSC01507 DSC01506 DSC01505 DSC01503


We flew just outside of Oslo, over the town of Ski and surrounding area.

DSC01558 13473847_10157125320335374_1972672549_n DSC01570 DSC01563 DSC01562 DSC01560


An event was arranged with Denmark’s UNICEF town of the year, Ringsted. We shared postcards and spoke to a couple of classes encouraging them to follow their dreams. A flight was carried out from a park close to the school with local media present.

DSC01673 DSC01700 DSC01695 DSC01694 IMG_0338 13461325_10209477677288930_46919606_o


We flew two afternoons at the ‘Kieler Woche’ in the town of Kiel in Northern Germany, promoting our ‘Dream Big’ message.

DSC01721 DSC01763 DSC01755 DSC01753 DSC01738 DSC01726

The Netherlands

We flew over the cities of Alpendoorn and Deventer alongside one of the local balloon company’s balloons.

13518154_985350394905163_633905874_o DSC01825 DSC01819 DSC01824 DSC01794 DSC01816


Originally we had planned to fly over London, but winds weren’t co-operating, so we changed the location and had a fantastic flight over the cities of Abingdon and Oxford.

DSC01996 DSC02021 DSC02020 DSC02017 DSC02012 DSC02011


We created an event with 10 balloons for families to enjoy. Postcards were exchanged with some of the local children. The event was well supported by local balloonists. A local celebrity, Joy Anna Thielemans joined me on the flight and reached out to her many followers during the flight via social media. Local media were also present.

DSC02042 IMG_0428 IMG_0409 DSC02054  DSC02050


We flew over the town of St Clair-Sur-Epte, north of Paris, with two other local balloons.

DSC02110 DSC02115 DSC02111


A beautiful flight over the historic city of Zamora and surrounding area.

DSC02172 DSC02188 DSC02186 DSC02184 DSC02182 DSC02180


A slow flight over the city of Braganca, promoting our ‘Dream Big’ Message.

20160713_063107 13705267_1379384772078168_949841798_n 13706215_1379385505411428_1205938091_n DSC02239 DSC02236 DSC02234


A spectacular mountain flight in the French Swiss part, from Zweisimmen to Rougemont.

dsc02382 dsc02377 dsc02373 dsc02369 dsc02367 dsc02365


A very unique flight through three countries: taking off in Vaduz Liechtenstein, flying into Switzerland, and landing in Feldkirch, Austria.

img_0204 dsc02471 dsc02457 dsc02456 img_0241 img_0220


We flew in the historic area of Italy, close to Assisi.

dsc02550 dsc02559 dsc02556 dsc02553 dsc02552 dsc02551


A last minute flight, (due to bad weather coming) from Brezovica, close to Ljubljana.

dsc02592 dsc02604 dsc02600 dsc02596 dsc02594 dsc02591