The Canberra Balloon Spectacular is coming to an end. We did our last flight today as the weather doesn’t look good for the final flight tomorrow.

It has been a successful week of flying. We flew every day except one, and provided tethered flights this morning. I flew quite a number of kids over the space of about 1.5 hours. It is great to see the smiles on kids’ faces during their very first balloon flight.

I will travel to Sydney tomorrow. A couple of days ago I had a last minute crazy idea to put the balloon up somewhere in the CBD. Many phone calls were made and I managed to secure a place for 1.5 hours at Custom House, close to Circular Quay, early on Tuesday morning. Customs House was the original Customs building opened in 1845 and is listed as an historic building. It will be quite a sight with the balloon inflated there. It is a good opportunity for both UNICEF and the Flying High For Kids Project to gain a higher profile.The staff at City of Sydney were very helpful and granted me the permission in one day. That must be some kind of record!

Straight after the inflation, I’ll be going to DB Schenker to pack the balloon and it will be sent off to Malaysia. The truck will be shipped two days later and I will fly there on the 24th in preparation for the balloon festival between the 27th and 30th of April.


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