The Idea

Andrew Parker is the Creator and Project Director of the Flying High For Kids Project. He has had a strong desire to do a not-for-profit, international hot air balloon tour for a cause since he was in his early teens. He got in touch with UNICEF in 2010 and the project started in December 2013.

The need to check your resume by a specialist

HR experts and editors correct mistakes and provide recommendations on how to structure a resume, describe professional experience and skills.

To get recommendations, you just need to upload your own version of the document. A few days later, the user of the service receives an edited version of the resume with the comments of the recruiter and editor. Experts give recommendations on content (structure, volume, presentation format, availability of important data, etc.) and form, check style, spelling and punctuation.

Resumegets is fundamentally different from other resume writing or editing services. All resumes uploaded to resumegets are reviewed by real people - experts with extensive experience who are guided not only by their own taste, but also by a special checklist.

Typical mistakes

In almost any resume processed by specialists, there are points that can be improved. For a document that was generally well-written, the average number of comments from an HR specialist alone is five. Some of the typical omissions relate to the content, some to the wording. Let's say the project manager does not need to write that he led the team and was involved in reporting, since this directly follows from the title of the position.

The most common mistake is an unstructured resume. Many do not write about achievements and their own role in projects, limiting themselves to a simple listing of responsibilities. Another interesting point: some candidates indicate a detailed home address in their contacts, others go to the opposite extreme, not even mentioning the city in which they would like to work. Another common problem is the clutter of tables that are inconvenient to read.

The editors of resumegets look at resumes after recruiters and, as a rule, work for them is also found.

How does the service work?

A graduate needs to register in the service and create a resume right there, on the page, using a special constructor. You can also download a previously written questionnaire. After that, the document will be checked by an experienced recruiter - he will conduct an assessment and give useful advice.

Many employers are ready to hire graduates even without experience. The resumegets service allows everyone, especially young people, to get recommendations so that they have more advantages in the labor market: thanks to the advice of experienced HR specialists, you can highlight your strengths and avoid common mistakes.

In a resume, everything matters. Do not neglect the little things - even the font is important. It is not enough just to indicate the university and specialization: HR-specialists pay attention to extracurricular activities: volunteering, internships, projects. And if a student managed to acquire professional experience, this is just a huge plus. The resumegets service specialists will definitely check your resume carefully. To do this, you need to follow the link

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Our Aims...

Encourage kids to follow their dreams.

Raise awareness about childens’ right to education.

Promote the inclusiveness of our most vulnerable children in society, especially those with special needs.

Bring a smile to children’s faces. A balloon will never have been seen before in a large number of places we visit, so we hope to both thrill and enthrall children.

Inflate or fly the balloon in 100 countries, including at schools and special events.

Promote a friendly global community by exchanging postcards between children.

Capture a snapshot in time. We will document all that we do through our social media.

Where we've been...